Hilary Clinton campaigns at ELAC as protesters gather

Photo of protester by Jose Ivan Cazares

By Jose Ivan Cazares and Megan G. Razzetti

The South Gym’s floor was filled with Hillary Clinton supporters Thursday while an estimated 200 protesters gathered on Avenida Cesar Chavez. There were many people waiting in line who didn’t make it into the rally. It was the Democratic Presidential Candidate’s 11th visit to the Los Angeles area since the start of her campaign.

The former Secretary of State spoke to her supporters about the importance of education and what she referred to as “the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Clinton pushed her position on equal pay for women and paid family leave.

“We’re also going to follow California’s lead and make sure we have paid family leave for working families,” she said. “ I will do everything I can to make the economy work for everybody, to help more people lift themselves out of poverty, lift themselves into the middle class and go as far as their hard work and talents will take them.”

Among the attendees, members of the ELAC community were in attendance to show support for Clinton.

“I’m so excited that she’s (Clinton) is on the campus where I’m teaching,” ELAC French professor Rebecca Ebin said. “I’ve been working here for 10 years and this is the biggest event on a national level that has happened during my time here.”

Ebin explained her reasons for supporting Clinton are due to her thoughts on the importance of education.

“Of course I want free tuition at the community colleges,” Ebin said. “I feel Hilary shares those views.”

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti was among the speakers at the event. “This isn’t about building walls, it’s about building bridges,” Garcetti said.

Garcetti and other speakers emphasized a united front against Trump. Clinton criticized Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on his stance on immigration. She called him a “loose cannon” and someone who should not be in the Oval Office.

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