Formula 1 started with a bang this season

By Jose Ivan Cazares

The 2018 Formula 1 season is well on its way with Sebastian Vettel taking 1st place for Ferrari in the first two races. This puts Vettel at 50 points with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in second with 30 points.

Hamilton is the the current champion and is unlikely to let go of the title without a fight. He placed second on the podium during the Australian Grand Prix and third this weekend in Bahrain. Both drivers have four championships on their record with Vettel winning his last season in 2013.

Not all went smoothly for Ferrari Vettel’s teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, did not make it to the podium due to a mishap in the pits. However, his third place finish in Australia puts in in 5th place overall with 15 points.

There hasn’t been a driver that doesn’t win the season who won the first two races of that season placing a lot of pressure on the Italian national.

Hamilton proved he is still a contender by by aggressively overtaking three cars in a role while hugging the inside of a corner.

In third place in the overall standings is Hamilton’s teammate,
Valtteri Bottas who finish second in Bahrain.

Alonso Fernado is a fan favorite and many believe the former world champion will find success once again behind the wheel of the Honda powered Mclaren.

Taking home the title wont be easy for Ferrari with so many former champions chasing the title. The last time Ferrari was dominant in F1 was in 2007 with Raikkonen winning the season.

The U.S’s F1 team, Hass F1 made its day view in 2016 and hopes to improve in its performance this season. However, it had a bad start in Australia with both cars leaving the pits before one of the wheels were properly attached.

Despite those two mishaps one of Hass’ drivers, Kevin Magnussen, is in currently in 5th place in the overall-standings.

The most significant change to 2018 season are the mandatory halos on all the cars to protect drivers from debris, something some fans say takes away from the open cockpit aesthetic of F1 cars.

The halo is likely to become a permanent part of F1 as many are recognizing the befits of fitting cars with them.

Other changes include the ban of shark fins on the rear end of the car. There has also been addition of new tires with all of them being slightly softer than those from last season. Teams are also limited to three engines this season compared to four last year.

Its sure to be one of the most exiting seasons in recent Formula 1 history with so many talented drivers aiming to win in what is considered the pinnacle of Motorsports.

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